Where I got my new Blog Design

Being new to starting a blog I have been going back and forth between Blogger and WordPress.org for a while.  Eventually you just have to make a decision.  One day I wanted Blogger the next it was WordPress   I set-up a test blog in both and really love  some of   most of the designs for Blogger from Karen Valentine Designs  http://www.karenvalentinedesign.com/ .  I had to do more work to find a WordPress designer that I liked.  I preferred  more of the features with WordPress and liked that you own your own content, ultimately that is why I chose WordPress.  I have the website Sadie Olive saved to my favorites a long time ago.  As  I was scrolling down to the bottom of the many blogs that I have looked at to see who designed them and I saw her name.  I don’t know why I did not make the connection before, as I love the look of her site and her blog is wonderful.  It’s funny how things happen as Sara was going to be on the Nate Berkus show the same week.  If you missed the show on Feb 5th she has posts on her blog with many more pictures.  Here is the link http://www.sadieolive.com/theblog/  You can also order great items from her website.  I have ordered the gain sack runner for my kitchen table.  Sara was fabulous to deal with, I would recommend her to anyone wanting to start up or switch to a WordPress blog.

I am going to start some work this week on projects I have done around my home, and figure out how to get a signature at the bottom of my posts.

If you get a chance please follow me.  It would be very appreciated.

Have a great weekend.





  1. Loving your blog, specially its name, as it is one of my fav albums ever!

    Adding you on my Google Reader’s list :)
    x Nuria

  2. Everything looks lovely.

    This post is so timely, as I’m considering a switch to WordPress too. Still in the process of more research on design and converstion process though.

  3. Hi Lana – Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. I really appreciate your visit and comment. Seems like we both started blogging about the same time.

    I love Mora clocks, and my first piece from Sweden was a Mora clock. Each one is unique, and charming in it’s own way. I do hope you find one soon :-)

    Looking forward to connecting with you via our blogs and Pinterest.

    With cheers from DC,
    Loi Thai
    Tone on Tone

  4. Gorgeous blog you have, love the colors and layout and your name! Thanks for your visit and welcome! It is a good thing you started with wordpress, it is so hard to transfer once on blogger!

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